Can You Use A Derma Roller For Beard Growth?

A Derma Roller can be a handy tool for smoothing out the texture of the skin and enhancing the absorption of skin products. But there is simply no backing evidence that says there effective at stimulating beard growth. In this article, we explain why they don’t work for beard growth, but how they can enhance a man’s facial appearance.

What Is A Derma Roller?

A derma roller is a handheld device with tiny needles that roll over the surface of the skin. Derma rolling is a form of microneedling, used mainly on the face to enhance the appearance, tone, and texture of the skin.

Dermarolling or microneedling has been proven to help stimulate hair growth on the scalp in men. Studies have shown that microneedling for hair loss has been effective, especially when combined with other products such as minoxidil.

What Is A Beard Roller?

As stated above, a derma roller is the main device used for facial wrinkles and for the treatment of acne scarring and other signs of aging. With the noted success of derma rolling for hair loss on the scalp, some brands have recently begun to sell comparable products targeted at men.

In most recent years, the masculine term “beard roller” has been referred to as the derma roller tool that men use. A beard derma roller is used to try to improve the health of the skin underneath the beard and stimulate hair growth.

These products are identical, but for some reason, “beard rollers” generally come with a higher price tag.

beard roller

Do Derma Rollers Work for Beard Growth?

While a derma roller may work for hair stimulation on the scalp, it won’t work for beard growth or stimulate hair growth anywhere else on the body.

If microneedling works for hair growth on the scalp, why won’t it work for facial hair? This in short is mainly because the hair follicles in the face and body are much different from scalp hair. Hair follicles on the scalp grow thick and long, while on the rest of the body they grow short and fine.

Microneedling on the scalp is thought to be effective due to increased revascularization, which is a procedure that can restore blood flow in blocked arteries or veins. Microneedling releases VEGF(vascular endothelial growth factor), which helps promote hair growth and increases hair size.

Does Any Form of Microneedling Work For Beard Growth?

There is no form of needling or microneedling that has been proven to be effective in stimulating beard growth or facial hair.

Even microneedling alone will only provide limited results for hair restoration. Microneedling combined with other treatments has been most effective for hair loss on the scalp. The most common of these treatments are topical minoxidil and microneedling with PRP.

Why Use A Derma Roller for Beard Health?

Derma rollers can be great for improving the skin underneath the beard which is vital for facial hair growth. Microneedling activates collagen production, growth factors, and nutrient blood circulation which are all necessary for healthy hair growth.

Derma rollers can also enhance the absorption channels so that when using beard oil, nutrient skin care products, or hair growth products, such as minoxidil (Rogaine), can sink deeper into the skin. A study in 2015 was done to determine the efficacy and safety of 3% minoxidil lotion for beard enhancement.

The research looked at the change in hair diameter after 16 weeks in 48 male participants. The results suggested only slight success in that minoxidil may help stimulate beard growth.

Tips On How To Use A Derma Roller for Beard Growth

Beard rollers are a fairly easy tool to use. It’s important to use a derma roller with a needle size between .25mm and .5mm in length. Start by using the roller once a week to see how your facial skin reacts. Everyday use is not uncommon after your skin builds resiliency.

Be aware that if you have long beard hair, it is prone to get caught in the needles. Carefully assess pressure, speed, and depth as you don’t want the beard roller to tear or rip the skin.

Other tips:

  • Wash skin and beard before use
  • You may use a serum, such as hyaluronic acid to gently glide over the surface of the skin. May also be used after rolling for nutrient benefits.
  • Roll horizontal and vertical lines
  • Avoid if you have acne
  • Clean your beard roller after each use

How To Clean Your Beard Roller

If you decide to try a beard roller, here are some tips to help with cleaning your device. The process is the same as cleaning a derma roller. Beard rollers can become a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause infections if not cleaned properly.

Drop a denture tablet in a plastic cup filled with warm water and carefully place your beard roller head into the solution. This will help with the removal of hair and other irritants. Let the roller soak for about half an hour.

Remove your beard roller from the solution and rinse under warm water. Let your beard rolling device air dry and then store away safely for future use.

Final Tip

Derma rollers have been shown to be effective on the scalp as a solution for hair loss and promoting hair growth when combined with other treatments. At this time, there’s not enough considerable research to consider beard rollers or derma rollers as an effective method to stimulate beard hair growth.