How To Treat Breakouts After Microneedling

Dealing with breakouts after microneedling can be an unexpected and frustrating challenge, leaving you questioning the benefits of this popular skincare treatment. There are risks associated with many beauty routines, and a microneedling treatment is no different. At some point, almost everyone who has undergone microneedling may experience this issue, which can range from mild … Read more

When To Wash Face After Microneedling

Determining the ideal moment to wash your face after microneedling is a common concern for those looking to optimize their post-procedure skincare routine. After freshly needling your face, it’s only natural to ponder the right time to cleanse away the residual blood and serum. Washing your face too soon can introduce potential irritants and disrupt … Read more

Can Estheticians Do Microneedling?

Do you know what kind of skin professional to go and see for a microneedling treatment? This is a little more complex than you may realize due to several regulations and different rules in various states. Given the fact that microneedling devices operate beneath the skin where there are nerves and blood vessels, it is … Read more

microchanneling vs microneedling

Microchanneling vs Microneedling: Which Is Better?

Microchanneling and microneedling are both popular skin rejuvenation and noninvasive treatments used to improve various skin concerns such as dry skin, acne scars, stretch marks, sun spots, and visible pores. Both treatments are forms of skin needling to produce new collagen production and unlock anti-aging benefits. Below we compare microchanneling vs microneedling treatments, pointing out … Read more

What Is Microneedling

Microneedling: The Go-To Anti-Aging Treatment

Men, women, and dermatologists are all on the constant lookout for the next best anti-aging treatment. Microneedling has gained popularity as a natural way to heal, repair, and restore the skin. If you’re tired of ineffective creams and masks, discover why microneedling is a low-risk, high-reward option for healthier, younger-looking skin. Key Points • Minimally … Read more