How To Clean A Derma Roller

A derma roller is a handheld device used to treat and improve the health of your skin. They are often used on the face to improve skin tone and enhance the absorption of skin products. While your derma roller can serve as an incredible beauty tool, it requires careful attention to properly treat the skin without inflicting damage. Using a sterile and clean tool is an essential component for achieving successful results.

Derma rolling is considered fairly easy and safe to perform at home, but one should educate themselves before jumping into use. You can find our guide here on how to properly use a derma roller safely.

How To Clean A Derma Roller

Cleaning a derma roller is quite simple and requires three basic steps. During this cleaning process, be careful to avoid hard surfaces as they could damage delicate needles.

Dull needles on the derma roller can lead to tearing and ripping which can damage the surface of the skin. Be sure to read the manufacturing instructions for your derma roller before cleaning. Some tools are cheaply made and the solution may enhance the breakdown of your product.

Step 1

After using your derma roller, grab a plastic cup and fill it halfway with warm water. Next, drop a denture tablet on top of a cotton pad into the cup.

Denture tablets contain enzymes that work well to kill bacteria and remove oils associated with your treatment. Denture tablets are the best derma roller sanitizer.

Carefully place your roller or detachable head into the cup. Make sure that the roller head containing the tiny needles is immersed entirely into the solution.

Allow your roller to soak within the cup for a period of 30 minutes.

Step 2

After soaking, remove your derma roller from the solution and rinse under hot or warm running water. You may use a brand-new soft toothbrush to gently wipe away any existing residue.

Step 3

Place the derma roller upside down on a clean paper towel and let air dry for at least 10 minutes. Make sure to let it dry before replacing the needles or roller head.

Once finished, always store your derma roller in a storage case for future use.

How To Clean Derma Roller

Why Do You Need To Clean Your Derma Roller?

Why should you wash it after you use it? After use, a derma roller can contain many different germs that could spread over your skin if you use it without cleaning it properly.

Proper cleaning of your derma roller is necessary to avoid bacteria that can lead to infections and cause acne breakouts and skin irritation. Since the needles are puncturing the skin, bacteria and the formation of germs from skin cells and blood can build up if your tool is left unattended.

How Often Should You Clean Your Derma Roller?

Derma rollers need to be properly cleaned before and after every use. Again, why take the risk of infection and possibly make your skin look worse?

There is conflicting information out there that states the frequency of use determines how often you should clean your derma roller. This is false as every use can prone your tool to bacteria and germs.

Again, your derma roller or at-home microneedling tool should be properly sanitized between each use. Never share your derma roller with another user.

How To Clean Derma Roller With Alcohol

While denture tablets are the recommended solution to use, you may also use an alcohol solution to disinfect your derma roller. If you choose to use an alcohol solution, make sure it is 70% isopropyl alcohol.

It’s important to note that isopropyl alcohol is not as effective as denture tablets. Rubbing alcohol is usually not a suitable cleanser as it contains less concentration of isopropyl alcohol with more added water.

Stay away from spray bottle alcohol sanitizers and liquid detergent as these are not recommended or effective ways to clean a derma roller.

Can You Use Hydrogen Peroxide To Clean A Dermaroller?

A common question is can you use hydrogen peroxide to clean your derma roller? While hydrogen peroxide is effective at killing bacteria, it is not as effective as the solutions listed above (denture tablets and isopropyl alcohol).

Hydrogen peroxide can serve as a substitute if the recommended solutions are not available to use. Some users have reported skin infections from just solely using peroxide.

Final Tip

The results of derma rolling can be quite impressive as long as you use the right technique methods and are properly cleaning your derma roller after each use. Remember to use quality tools! There are many products on the market that are cheaply made and that can break quite easily.