Microneedling Cost | Factors to Consider

Are you considering rejuvenating your skin through the transformative power of microneedling (collagen induction therapy), but concerned about the microneedling cost? You’re not alone. Many individuals are eager to experience the remarkable benefits of this cosmetic procedure, but the uncertainty surrounding its pricing can be a significant hurdle. Fret not, as we are here to shed light on the microneedling cost landscape and provide expert insights to help you make an informed decision. In this article, we will delve into the factors influencing the cost of microneedling and guide you toward achieving radiant skin without breaking the bank.

How Much Does Microneedling Cost?

The microneedling cost per session can range between $100-800. Most issues treated require about four to six treatments, in order to gain the best results.  Treatments are usually spaced out every four to six weeks.

Since microneedling is an elective cosmetic procedure, it is generally not covered under insurance. Most facilities will offer payment plans and package deals since multiple treatments are often needed.

Many who are unhappy with the appearance of their skin turn to microneedling, as it is considered cost-effective when compared to other cosmetic treatments. But before undergoing treatment, you should be aware that there are a variety of factors that will determine the total price.

Factors That Determine Microneedling Price

Patients Individual Goals & Needs

Treatments are customized or tailored to meet each patient’s own specific needs and goals. Each individual has their own unique skin profile and condition, which requires their own method of care to provide the best appearance.

Since treatments are based on the body’s natural healing response, results will vary from patient to patient. Elastin and collagen production can take weeks to months depending on the individual.

Many clinics will offer a free virtual or in-person consultation in advance to understand what to expect from your treatment.  This will allow you to learn if you are an ideal candidate, how many and what type of treatments are required, and what you can expect to pay.  

Make sure to schedule a consultation with multiple providers, to see what fits best. Remember that the microneedling price does not equal quality. Not all microneedling is the same!  

Area Treated

Larger body areas will take more time to treat and usually cost more.  Thicker-skinned areas may need longer needles and require a more aggressive treatment. While thin-skinned areas like under the eyes require a slower and more delicate process. Treating stretch marks across the stomach would likely come with a higher price than a small touch-up on the face.

Condition Treated

One factor that will determine your microneedling cost is the condition being addressed and the severity of the issue.  Some skin concerns such as treating acne scars may need more attention or work, depending on how deep the issue is located within the layers of the skin.

Some acne scarring and stretch marks can be located deep in the dermis, which will require more advanced treatments and multiple sessions, as it is harder to stimulate collagen. If you are just looking to rejuvenate the face, one treatment may be enough to brighten up or even out your skin tone.

Location and Practitioner Chosen

Qualified service providers can vary by location. States like California, allow the procedure to only be administered by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon, while other states allow estheticians. Generally, a treatment done by an esthetician would cost less than a plastic surgeon.

City locations and neighborhoods with higher rent would typically have a higher cost when compared to suburban areas with lower real estate cost burdens.  

Type Of Microneedling Treatments By Cost

Below is a general outline of the different type of mironeedling treatments, following by how many treatment sessions are generally recommended, and the associated costs. Prices, downtime, and recommended treatments shown will vary for each patient and condition being treated. Consult a board certified dermatologist to find out which treatment would be best for your own unique skin.

TreatmentAverage CostDowntimeRecommended Treatments
Facial$20024 Hours1 – 4
Standard $6251 – 3 Days3 – 6
With PRP $700-800Up To 3 Days4 – 6
With RadioFrequency$16003 – 5 Days4 – 6
At Home Tools$20 – $1000Little to no downtimeCan Be Used Up to Multiple Times Per Week

Standard Microneedling Treatment

The cost of microneedling in an office environment cost an average of $625. We have found that most standard facials or touch-ups on the face cost around $150-250 dollars. Standard treatments are usually done with hyaluronic acid.  

Cosmetic Needling With At Home Tools

Cosmetic needling refers to microneedling at shallower depths between 0.2 and 0.3mm. Users can administer microneedling themselves with at-home tools, such as pens, stamps, or rollers.   These tools can range anywhere between $20 to $1000 but are generally less effective than in-office procedures with the oversight of a professional. 

These tools will eventually need replacement needles and cartridges to upkeep safety measures.  You must also factor in the products to be used before and after microneedling. Serums, creams, proper sunscreen, and other products will be needed for proper aftercare, as well as to clean and maintain your tools.

Cosmetic needling, specifically dermarolling, works best for surface-level skin issues such as improving texture and tone. 

With RadioFrequency

Microneedling can be combined with Radiofrequency to stimulate collagen and speed up the healing response time. Microneedling with Radiofrequency has an average cost of $1,600. Generally, four to six treatments are required with only one treatment provided per month.

With Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP treatments can take a little more time than a standard procedure. This is because the patient’s blood needs to be taken and then put through a centrifuge to obtain the PRP. A PRP treatment or facial can range between $300 and $1,200, with an average of around $700 – $800 dollars.

Additional Treatments

Additional treatments and products can be added to your procedure to complement the microneedling and highlight the benefits.  LED light therapy, laser treatments, and medical-grade serums are popular combinations that generally will add to your microneedling cost.


Fortunately, since microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment most patients will require little to no downtime. Most patients return to work the next day. Downtime will depend on how aggressive the treatment received was and if you follow the proper aftercare instructions provided by your physician.

A facial or under-eye treatment may leave the patient a little subconscious about their appearance following the procedure.  Redness, swelling, and flaking are expected in the first few days after the procedure and make-up can not be applied for the first 48 hours.

Since you may have to live with temporary redness and a sunburn feeling for a few days, most patients schedule their appointment towards the end of the week, leaving the weekend to recover.

Is Microneedling Worth It?

Microneedling can indeed be worth it for many individuals seeking to improve their skin’s texture, tone, and overall appearance. However, whether it’s worth it or not can vary from person to person.

One crucial aspect to consider is that the healing process after microneedling can be different for each individual. This variation depends on several factors, including skin type, the depth of the treatment, and individual healing capabilities.

As mentioned above, some people may experience minimal downtime with quick recovery, while others might require a longer healing process. It’s essential to manage expectations and consult with a qualified practitioner to determine if microneedling is suitable for your unique skin concerns and lifestyle.

While the microneedling procedure can produce remarkable results in terms of reducing fine lines, acne scars, and improving skin texture, the decision to undergo microneedling should be based on individual needs and goals. Proper aftercare and adherence to post-treatment instructions are also vital to ensure a smoother and more successful healing process, making microneedling a potentially worthwhile investment in one’s skincare journey.

Final Tip

Understanding the intricacies of microneedling costs is crucial when embarking on your journey to youthful and revitalized skin. While the price may vary depending on factors such as location, practitioner expertise, and the number of sessions required, it’s essential to prioritize both quality and safety when choosing a provider.

By doing thorough research and consulting with experienced professionals, you can strike the right balance between cost-effectiveness and achieving the stunning results you desire. Remember, investing in your skin’s health and appearance is an investment in yourself, and with the right guidance, you can confidently embark on your path to a more radiant and confident you.